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Ways Which Iodine Derivatives Keep Crops Healthy

It is highly probable and likely that you have heard about the benefits and importance of iodine for humans. ??Well, even if humans require iodine for various reasons, you need to know that iodine derivatives are vital for agricultural purposes. ?Plants require iodine too. ?Iodine derivatives play such a critical and essential role in enhancing the safety and sustainability of food supply. ?It is therefore crucial that farmers adopt the use of Iodine derivatives for plant products. ?Read on and learn the ways in which the products enhance and promote the growth and health of crops.

Iodine derivatives are vital when it comes to the control of pathogens. Iodophors help in the prevention and treatment of issues such as fungal diseases. ?You, therefore, need to spray your crops with the chemical to that they are free from pathogenic elements. ?With Hypoiodide, it helps to disrupt fungal proteins in plants, whereas the iodophors work by penetrating through the cells of the microorganisms, especially when it comes to post-harvest rinses. ?With the kind of treatment, you can be sure that it will work for fungal infections, including Colletotrichum tabificum and Phytophthora infestans, among others.

Methyl iodine helps with soil fumigation. ?Iodine is also vital and critical when it comes to soil fumigation. ?This one is still a part of pathogen control mechanisms. ?In this case, gas pesticides are spared or applied to soil to help in suffocating pests. ?Fumigation helps by destroying or damaging nematodes, insects as well as fungi. ?Many food safety agencies have approved the use of soil fumigation as a method of pest control to improve plant growth and production. Well, Methyl Iodine is safe as compared to alternatives that were being used earlier on.

Iodine derivatives are also used in herbicides. ?Loxynil, which has iodine, is used in controlling and eradicating weeds, especially in fields with cereal crops. ?The derivative helps in inhibiting photosynthesis of stubborn weeds.

There is still the use of iodine derivatives in fertilization. ?Well, iodine concentration in soil is quite a growth. ?While this is the case, the plants need sufficient amount of iodine for growth. ?With the option of fertilization with iodine helps in increasing antioxidants in the plants. ?This enhances drought resistance in plants. Inclusion of iodine in plant chemicals and fertilizers also help in enabling plants to assimilate nitrogen more rapidly. ?This process is critical and necessary for growth. ?Treating plants with iodine derivatives help in increasing iodine content in vegetables, which is one way to go in bio-fortifying crops.

The use of iodine derivatives in irrigation is also crucial for plant growth and health. The benefit of irrigation with the use of potassium iodate, for example, helps plants to absorb and have sufficient iodine contents. ?This is critical as it helps in combating and reducing iodine deficiencies disorders in both animals and humans.

Always ensure you purchase chemicals such as iodine derivatives from licensed and reputable companies. ?Always check that companies are compliant with the necessary food safety bodies or agencies such as FSMA.
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