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Things You Should Know about Workplace Racial Discrimination

Employees are usually protected by law against racial discrimination. Employers and employees are prohibited from discriminating people because of their ethnicity or race. Unfortunately, cases of racial discrimination at work still happen in different organizations. Racial discrimination can be seen when you are not hired base on your color or ethnicity or not considered for promotion or even fired based on your race.

No matter your race or ethnicity, an employer has no right to discriminate you. The law also protects your against harassment by the employer and other workers just because of your ethnicity. Such harassments could be in the form of racial jokes or even off-handed remarks. Also, you could recognize racial discrimination through other signs.

You can recognize racial discrimination through jokes on a particular race even when they seem funny. Again, discrimination can be done through racial slurs or inappropriate names for people of a certain ethnicity. You would also be facing racial discrimination if a promotion is denied based on your skin color and not performance. When an evaluation is racial based and not performance based, it would be another sign of racial discrimination.

When you have feeling or you are suspicious that you are being discriminated based on your color, it would be good you speak to a Los Angeles employment lawyer. The attorney will first assess your situation to know if there is a case to proceed. In case sufficient evidence is found, you would legally entitled to financial compensation because of such racial discrimination. The financial compensation would include lost income and benefits, as well as other financial damages incurred.

You must, however, prove there was racial discrimination. Hiring an employment lawyer, therefore, would help you in various ways including the following.

1. Evaluating your situation.

Not every unfair treatment would mean illegal discrimination. For your situation to be classified as racial discrimination it should fall within the category or federal or state law that protect employees against racial discrimination. Employment lawyers are knowledge on racial discrimination law and help assess your situation to determine whether your rights were violated.

There are situations when determining racial discrimination is easier than others. But even when the situation seem complicated, an attorney can still determine whether there was wrongful discrimination based on your race.

2. Collect evidence.

If there is a case in your racial discrimination claim, the attorney will go ahead and look for evidence. Employment attorneys are skillful when gathering evidence on racial discrimination. They will also obtain the necessary documents and testimony that will make a difference in your case.

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