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Green Card Lottery

The green card lottery is where the Department of State gives a green card to immigrants on an annual basis. The lottery is done through some random computer selections. The technical term of the process is Diversity Visa Program. The lottery gives anyone who has the ability to communicate in the English language an opportunity to participate in the lottery program.

This is a very popular way in which people have come to being residents of the United States without having to through some complicated process that could have taken many years. Any immigrant that wants to participate in the program needs to fill some paperwork to be legal candidates of the program. This is usually a once in a lifetime chance and anyone participating in the lottery takes the opportunity very seriously.

The application for the green card can be easily accessed online. There are a lot of federal websites that are set to help people obtain the applications to give them the go-ahead and proceed to apply for this awesome program. The application is reviewed after the applicant have filled everything and sent it to the relevant authorities. After the documents have been reviewed and approved by the government, the application is placed in the lottery. After this, no more paper entries are allowed. Everything is done electronically or online.

The lottery usually gives over 50000 green cards to immigrants all over. The people that qualify prove that they have obliged to all the rules and taken their time to prepare all the paperwork to become eligible for the program. However, there are some restrictions for one to be eligible. One must have at least a high school diploma and at least two years of experience in a relevant occupation with adequate training.

The program requires you to submit only one application. An individual that submits more than one application is automatically disqualified. All the instructions and rules need to be followed and adhered to the letter. A lot of people that have all that it takes to qualify for the program are kicked out each and every year due to the submission of multiple applications. Don’t try these silly tricks of cheating into the program. There is no way you can go through unnoticed.

if a couple qualifies for the lottery and both the husband and the wife need to apply, they are allowed to submit individual application and in case either of them is selected, the other one will be entitled to deprive status. Both of them will have the authority to enter the States. When applying for the lottery, one is required to pride their name, date, and place of birth and all the natural children.

This is an opportunity in which you need to step up your game or you may miss the chances of being approved. This is something that a lot of people dream about knowing that green cards are available which gives them hope that one day they will have the freedom to live in the United States.

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