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Finding a Personal Coach: How to Choose the Right One for You

They say if you ever get a hold of a great personal coach, don’t ever let them go since finding an excellent coach is challenging. It goes way beyond tools and techniques. The biggest part of a great coach is that chemistry developed between the two of you. This chemistry is special in every relationship. Therefore, this does not mean that if a personal coach was efficient with your friend or any other person you know they will be effective with you. Remember every relationship is unique. Chemistry entails all the aspects starting from your level of respect, personality and how well you can relate to their coaching style. However, there are other important factors that you need to look for in a personal coach for you to achieve any kind of chemistry. Below are the guidelines that will help you when choosing your ideal life coach.

Look for a life coach that specializes in your area of need. Most individuals hire a personal coach when there is something in their life that is not going well. For instance, your life may be lacking meaning and purpose or it could be that your career path may be taking the wrong direction or sometimes you may require help in managing your attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Regardless of the situation, you want to look for a personal coach that specializes in that particular thing you want to improve.

Make sure that you find a personal coach with adequate training. As opposed to other professionals like low or architecture, the life coaching industry is practically new and not very established. Because of this, anyone can brand themselves as a personal coach even though they might not have undergone any training. This means that you should find a personal coach with sufficient training. There are numerous coach training schools available that provide different levels of training and certification. Make sure you hire a personal coach that has undergone extensive training.

Settle for a life coach that understands you. Selecting a life coach is a personal decision. You are looking for help to improve the vital parts of your life. Remember, this is not like changing your oil or purchasing a new shirt. When choosing a personal coach, you need to look beyond the surface impression. There’s not so much information that you can obtain from the personal coach’s website. Select a personal coach that relates to your situation, comprehends your goals, shares the same values as yours and assures you that they can help you to overcome your situation.

You need to find a local personal coach. Looking for a local life coach and schedule an appointment to meet with them in person can be beneficial in establishing trust and rapport; however, this is not a must. Most individuals use the same approach they use when looking for a dentist or a therapist. All these services require in-person appointments. Life coaching, on the other hand, is quite different since it is a conversation-based service that does not need you to be physically present. It can be done either on the phone or video chat. Sometimes some personal coaches will hold their sessions over the phone because of its convenient for both parties. When choosing a life coach, confirm that they specialize in the area you want, have adequate training and they are a good fit.

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