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Handcrafted Metal Jewelries: A Guide in Purchasing Good Quality Jewelries

Christmas is nearing and most of us are prepping gifts for friends and loved ones. Since it is the season of gift-giving, it is challenging to find good quality, extraordinary, and affordable gifts for recipients. If you want to give unique gifts to friends, colleagues, relatives, and loved ones, then you should consider giving handcrafted metal pieces of jewelry. Before purchasing one, it is suggested that you read this article further so you will know the different types available in the market

At present, there are diverse kinds of handcrafted metal jewelry from which to choose from and these include fabricated metal jewelry, hand-stamped metal jewelry, and metal clay jewelry.

Fabricated Metal Jewelry

When we talk of fabricated metal jewelry, we refer to the kind of metal jewelry that is constructed by heating, hammering, and etc. Since it is tedious and complex, artists must be experienced in handling different kinds of tools to produce quality metal pieces of jewelry. According to studies, fabricated metal jewelry dated back to the time of our ancestors. Although, artists can put gemstones on it, rarely can you see it due to the hardness of metals and the complexity of doing it. For these reasons, you can find lots of metal jewelry than those with gemstones and beads on it. The jewelries produced by artists are simple, smooth, and sophisticated.

Hand Stamped Metal Jewelry

The second type of handcrafted metal jewelry is the hand-stamped metal jewelry, In here, artists use stamping canvas to create designer pieces. The stamping canvas is important in the creation of these pieces because it enables them to utilize unique fabrication techniques. They used wet metal clay before firing and heating metals to produced similar hand stamped designs. Hand stamped jewelry pieces are those which are stamped with different letters and custom designs. These pieces are very popular among expectant mothers because they have the initials of their children’s names on bracelets and necklaces.

The third type of handcrafted metal jewelry, also called fine silver jewelry, is the handcrafted metal clay. In here, artists used clays that they form into desired shapes before forming silver pieces of jewelry. Artists needs to plan the jewelry they want to form in advance and prior to starting the project because the clay used in here dries very fast. The moment they shape the clay, artists immediately fire heat at a scorching temperature of 1200 degrees. With metal clay, there are endless possibilities in creating designs because it allows artists to create designs based on their imagination.

Regardless of the type of handcrafted metal jewelries that you want to buy, it is important for us to be careful about purchasing one. Buy pieces made by trusted and reputable jewelry companies and designers. Make sure to consider those which are trusted by lots of consumers due to the high-quality metal used, the carats, and designs. Lastly, browse the websites of these manufacturers and sellers to check not just the pieces offered for sale, the different designs available, and prices but also the reviews and feedback of customers.

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