3 Common Reasons Detroit Homeowners Replace Asphalt Roofs

Detroit homeowners often select budget-friendly, attractive materials for new roofs. As a result, many home roofs include asphalt shingles. They can last for 20 years or longer with good care and usually stand up well to the area’s climate extremes. However, there are times when residents replace asphalt or even upgrade to alternatives like metal roofs. Owners often order replacement materials because original roofs are aging. Area contractors also replace many fungi or moss-covered roofs. Some homeowners upgrade after noticing roofing issues when inspecting attics.

Roofs Are Getting Old

Whether owners plan to live in their homes for years to come or are getting ready to sell, many replace older roofs. An aging roof often reduces curb appeal and may need frequent repairs. Older materials are more likely to develop sudden, expensive problems like serious leaks. Some residents simply update old materials because they prefer modern options like attractive, durable, metal roofing.

Moss or Fungi Are Growing on Roofing Materials

The growth of fungi or moss on asphalt roofing materials is not uncommon, nor is it unusual. Depending on the number of shaded areas on them, even newer roofs can develop the problem. In some cases, growths can be cleaned. However, organic growth on roofing materials might also be a sign that water is seeping under materials and damaging structures. Left unchecked, moisture buildups damage roofing systems and, possibly, roof decks. They can also reduce the efficiency of HVAC systems, which increases energy bills.

Homeowners Notice Damage in the Attic

Some homeowners only find out they need replacement roofs after inspecting their homes’ attics. Typical Detroit residential attics are extremely hot in summer and freezing in winter, so owners tend to avoid accessing them. When they do, some notice issues like sunlight shining through roofing materials into the attic. They might spot damp insulation or rotting boards. Any of these issues point to the need for roof replacement.

The asphalt materials used to create residential Detroit roofs can last many years, but some homeowners update roofing sooner. Many order replacements when they notice fungi or moss growth or attic issues that point to moisture problems. There are also proactive residents who upgrade older roofs because they are more vulnerable to expensive problems.